About Gild Collective

Gild Collective is a forum for women to gather with purpose:
creating inspired objects while creating change

We’ve been crafting for a long time. We’ve been women even longer.

And over the years, we noticed something when we gathered together: there’s what happens on the table, and then there’s what occurs overtop it—the exchange of ideas, the ah-ha moments, the growth. As we make sense of materials and instructions, we also make sense of ourselves—and of each other.

A year and a half ago, we founded Gild Collective out of necessity. Our time gilding with other women proved fundamental to who we were; surely it would be formative for others, too.

Turns out, we were right. Today, Gild has united over 1,300 women, bringing inspired projects and female-focused workshops to workplace groups, sororities and homes across the United States. We create pieces both timeless and on-trend, and we address issues both universal and acutely intimate. Most importantly: from office to office, campus to campus, kitchen to kitchen, we gild together.

We are a company founded by two women – Kelsey and Rachel – and we believe that each woman should feel empowered to take up the space she deserves in every room. So we are setting out to change that, one amazing creative workshop at a time.

And we also really like Drake, chicken salad, and Pretty Little Liars. In no particular order…