Be the Hero: Surveys Save Right-Brain Businesses

Product development mess

As a “right brain thinker”, I make decisions based solely on my gut instinct a lot. That can be great in some ways, but terrible in others. I’m lucky to have found a perfect left-brain counterpart in my co-founder Kelsey, as she thinks more logically and analytically than I do but completely respects and understands my need to be creative. She reminds me that while it’s perfectly acceptable for my personal workspace to look like this 👆 (complete with hole-y leggings, odd craft supplies, and paper strewn about from calligraphy projects), it is also beneficial to get a sense of order and direction from logical, data-driven sources.

What she (kindly) doesn’t remind me of is all of the times my gut instinct has been wrong when it comes to product development for Gild. There have been some serious duds in the batch of craft projects I have designed for our two year old business, and some terrifying mountains of left over inventory to prove it. We are thankful that we have been able to partner with local non-profits that can use those left over supplies, but we certainly don’t want to repeat those mistakes.

This is where you come in. Where you can be the logical, data-driven source that helps reign in my intuition and gives direction on the projects we will be offering at our workshops going forward.

Take the survey now! Or, reach out here and give us your best. idea. ever!

Taking surveys and giving honest feedback is one of the easiest, most impactful thing that anyone can do to support small business. We can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate each and every piece of feedback (positive or negative) that we have received over the past two years. We are excited to read your responses to this survey and put them to good use in the future!

In the meantime, here are some sneak peeks from the new products we’ll be releasing in just a few weeks.

leather catch all

tassel keychain

hand bound notebook


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