Don’t worry, we’ve planned your entire Fourth of July menu for you!


Summer has been heating up for weeks now, but the first (and typically the biggest) celebration of the summer is right around the corner: the Fourth of July. Hopefully you’re able to take some time off for the Fourth and spend it with family and friends — and with food.

We’ve taken the liberty of rounding up recipes for everything you’ll need to make your holiday cookout a success, from appetizers to dessert.

Start with: Pimento Mac and Cheese Bites


This grown-up twist on a childhood favorite will leave everyone craving more. The cook and prep time evens out to about 45 minutes, but they’re easy enough to make simultaneously with another dish, or have the kids take it on. Check out the recipe from Real Simple for details!


Sip on: Summer Cocktails


Everyone knows the best parts of most cookouts are the cocktails. Which is why we couldn’t pick just one — you’re going to want to try as many of these delicious concoctions as possible. This recipe book includes 36 summer creations, from mojito slushies, to strawberry daiquiri Jell-O shots, hurricanes and watermelon sangria. Drink up!


Next up: Grilled Honey-Lime Watermelon


When it’s hot out, you simply can’t get enough fresh fruit on your plate. In addition to the classic fruit salad, go bold with these easy-to-make watermelon slices, grilled with a honey-lime syrup. Your tastebuds will be in heaven, and your temperature will stay cool.


Main dish: Glazed Country Ribs


If you’re looking to break a little more out of your comfort zone and graduate from the traditional burgers, hot dogs and steak on the grill, this recipe is for you. These glazed ribs are literally finger-licking good, and are definitely worth the extra effort.


Side dish: Grilled Corn on the Cob


Since you’ll probably be cooking those crowd-pleasing burgers and dogs anyway, why not throw some corn on the grill too? Whether your guests prefer a more classic grilled corn, or one with a barbecue glaze, we’ve got you covered. Yum!


Dessert: Patriotic Berry Trifle


You all knew this was coming, because what Fourth of July party is complete without a red, white and blue dessert? This berry trifle is a staple for good reason: It looks great and tastes even better. Plus, it’s easy to make, and with the berries in it, you can kind of call it a healthy dessert. Sounds like a win to us!


Enjoy your Fourth of July, and get cooking! Comment below with your favorite barbeque recipes for us to borrow all summer long.

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