You Can Teach a Man to Fish: A Father’s Day Challenge


Growing up, it seemed like my Dad was always trying to teach me something.

How to mow the lawn without running over the hammock (again). How to turn off the toilet valve so I didn’t overflow the toilet and ruin the hard wood floors (again). How to clean my room so we didn’t get an ant infestation (again).

All excellent life lessons, but these and others were always dismissed because I was too busy being a disinterested kid or a snotty teen.

If anyone else is nodding along in agreement, consider taking this Father’s Day to let your Dad teach you something he’s always wanted to teach you.

What’s his favorite hobby? Ask about it, and this time, really listen when he explains it to you. It could really make his day to know that he’s instilled in you some lifelong skill or meaning that you’ll carry with you.


My dad, on a break from an intense 122 mile bike ride to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

For me, this means that I’ll be hitting the driving range, going for a long bike ride, or helping to make a cutting board in his woodshop. But it also means a few uninterrupted hours with the person who helped shape who I am. And who, by leading by example, taught me the power of giving and gratitude. Sounds like a pretty good day to me.

And just maybe, if I’m feeling really generous, I’ll teach him something too. Like, how to post pictures on Facebook.


My dad, literally teaching me to fish. Note: Deep sea fishing is hard.

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