Friend Frenzy: Making Weeknights Great Again


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Last summer, I shared tales of my adventures in friend dating when I first moved to Cincinnati.
Update: I’m still working on it.

I also alluded to “Friend Frenzy,” which was an attempt at getting our friend group together for weeknight activities because, well, I like my friends. And also, it is so hard to keep everyone in town for a weekend!

Here’s how it began…

Dear Friends,

Our weekly bowling league has wrapped up the winter months and we’re looking forward to warmer weather. Last year we attempted to roll bowling directly into a darts league and we went… twice.

So. New plan for this Spring/Summer is to put the activity planning into our hands and mix things up every other week!

Here’s how the Friend Frenzy will work.

1) Every other week, one person will be tasked with planning a fun weeknight activity for the group.

2) In order to make this scheduling more convenient, I have created a Google Calendar and will share it with all of you in a moment.

3) Please choose a week and change it from “Week X” to “Your Name.” Once you have a more specific activity, you can change it from the full week to a single night with more details about your activity.

4) It would be nice for you to send an email explaining your activity and the details. Sell it! People can choose to go or not go depending on their schedule, the activity, etc. – it’s not mandatory! 

You may be wondering what is meant by “activity,” and really – that is up to you. Obviously something that 14 people could do together should everyone attend, and ideally not something with a pricey cost of entry. Some potential ideas could include: Party in the Park, Trivia at Fountain Square, Dinner at a New Restaurant, Sporting Event, Comedy Show, etc. Feel free to get creative!

Questions? Comments?

If you think this is dumb and would like to unsubscribe from all future communication, please respond to the whole group so we can call you mean names.


I know what you are thinking. “Wow, you were able to get 14 people together every other week?!”

The answer is, no. I wasn’t. We had a few no-shows and an unsubscribe, and since we began Friend Frenzy, 5 people moved away and 2 people fell of the face of the earth. But we’ve also made more friends by bringing people into the action and showing what some good old weeknight fun can look like.

Here are some of the highlights from that frienzied summer, which I highly recommend trying out with your own group (big or small) in the coming months. Trust me, you can’t wait around for the fun to find you!

Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives Screening:

When your city is featured on a TV show, people make a big deal about it.

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Reds Game:

Grab some cheap seats and beers, call it a night.

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Laser Tag:

Unexpectedly intense. We were instructed to wear black and things got competitive with the teenagers we were playing against.

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Everyone brings a dish. Guy with the biggest knife brings the turkey.

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Free Movies in the Park:

If you’re in Cincinnati, Washington Park is back at it again. Also, movies are better with fried chicken buckets, if you didn’t know.

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Local Cincy Beer Tasting:

Grab a growler or six pack of your favorite local beers and do a tasting at home. Finish with a window selfie.

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I’m ashamed to say that I let last summer slip by without re-instituting our bi-weekly gatherings. But if you are my friend and reading this post, you should read it as a call to arms.

We’re taking the Frenzy back.

Starting a weeknight gathering routine of your own? Including a party box for your craft night is the perfect way to ease your group into it!

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