Crafts, Bowling, and a Party Bus: The Perfect Bachelorette Weekend

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I recently had the pleasure of attending one of the most well-planned and well-rounded bachelorette parties I have ever been to. Just the right amount of class to balance out the debauchery, and a perfect balance of activities to get us moving in the morning.

I give all of the credit to the two bridesmaids who pulled the whole thing off flawlessly and somehow made it look easy in the process.

Location: Nashville, TN

The bachelorette party capital of the world. But before you get dismissive, know that we stayed at an Airbnb in East Nashville and only hit Broadway once to compete for “best bride and crew” (a game which inexplicably every group feels compelled to participate in.)


We spent the afternoon wandering through a big park near our house, beverages in hand, enjoying the weather. We ended up at a restaurant in an alley that had a 2-for-1 beer special which assisted in the getting-to-know-each-other process for the groups of friends coming together for the first time.

We headed back to the house as one unit and got ready for the craft portion of the evening. The maid of honor, Julie, had reached out to me early on in her planning and requested that we include a Gild Collective craft in the weekend festivities and I happily obliged. She and the bride selected the Jewelry Display Set and everyone got to work, marbling their clay like pros and coming up with creative new ways to make their set unique. I was so impressed and everyone had a great time. We may or may not have had enough left over clay to incorporate into some bachelorette-related decorations later on.


Once the crafts were done, everyone got their primp on and we headed to Pinewood Social for a night of amazing mac & cheese, drinks, and bowling. I kept my high school bowling pursuits quiet until I had gotten a couple strikes (and a couple drinks in me) and then slowly shared with the group my excellence on the JV bowling team. They were so impressed.

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Morning came early when our party bus arrived to cart our group of 15 to Arrington Vineyards for the day. You may be surprised to know that a bus at 10AM is as dark and club-like as it is at 10PM, and the neon lights will continue to dance around you, no matter the time of day. We had a great afternoon sitting on the lawn at the vineyards, enjoying bottles of wine and the snacks we packed with us and by the time we got back on the bus 4 hours later, we were ready for the party atmosphere.

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In true Nashville fashion, we had fried chicken brought into the house for dinner, and began the hilarity of the lingerie party and accompanying games. We named each piece of lingerie as it was opened and put together a menu of options that included “Elephant Graveyard” and “Blac Chyna.” It got weird. We learned some fun facts during Bachelorette Jeopardy and then headed (now bit more wise) down to Broadway to finish out the night with some live music. Someone even did the worm.


Sunday morning we packed up in different states of consciousness and all headed back to our real lives. Exhausted, we said goodbye to our new friends, tucked our completed Jewelry Display Sets into our bags, and hummed country songs the whole way home. It was a great weekend with a bunch of weirdos, and I loved it.

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