a cure to the common bridal shower game!

FullSizeRenderIf you have ever been to a bridal shower, then you know about the standard “Bridal Shower Games”. These games are incredibly common, but unfortunately, not very diverse.

Here’s the thing about bridal shower games: some are great, but some need to be retired STAT. If you’re new to the world of throwing showers, don’t worry*! There’s an easy way to differentiate between the good and the bad. It’s a simple test that comes in the form of ONE question:

“Does this have anything to do with the person getting married?”

Ask yourself this question each time you make a decision about the shower, from food to serve, to decor to display, and of course, to games and activities to include. For games, you can interpret this question in two different ways, such as:

  1. Does this game contain any information or anecdotes that are personal to the bride? If the games you are considering teach guests more about famous couples throughout history than the people actually getting married, just toss it.
  2. Would the bride like this game? It’s unreal how often I see brides squirming in discomfort because one of the people who knows them best in this world is forcing them to sit in the center of a room and answer incredibly personal questions about their relationship. Not everyone enjoys that type of attention, plain and simple!


The good news, especially if you have a bride that has no interest in any games being played at her shower, is that there’s another option. 

This new option is personal, tangible, fun, and long-lasting. The bride will take it home at a shower to cherish it forever.

We are so excited to introduce our bridal shower crafts!


You know by now that we are a tiny bit obsessed with empowering women to be confident in expressing themselves creatively. You also know that we think the best way for women to gain confidence is to create with others who can support them and build them up. In our opinion, there are too few instances for women to come together with a purely positive purpose.

Bridal showers, along with celebrating a new marriage, also celebrate building a love-filled, celebratory, and happy life. We think that there is an opportunity to mark this occasion with a creative, hand-made gift that all shower guests can touch in some way, and we think brides will agree!

We have two options for bridal shower crafts. In designing these, we tried to keep two women in mind: the “sentimental” one, and the “practical” one. Full disclosure: both of these items have sentimentality infused into them, how could they not?

  1. Advice and Memory Book: Not your grandma’s scrapbook! We’ve curated the most tasteful paper goods that we could find (and created some of our own) for your guests to share their advice and favorite memories with the bride-t0-be in a book she will cherish forever. Each guest makes a page (or two, or three!) and has full control over how creative they want to get. IMG_2751
  2. Hosting Set: Your bride is going to be dying to use all of her new flatware and dishes ASAP, and this hosting set will be the perfect backdrop for it! It’s a set of six hand-stamped chargers and napkin rings with hand-painted cloth napkins to match. Useful, but with the smallest amount of sentiment thrown in, too!IMG_2745


So here’s how it works: At the shower you host, you will set up a table to the side of the main activity and hubbub to display the craft. We provide the supplies and instruction, you supply the crafters! Each person at the shower can decide on their own (with no judgment!) how much or how little they want to participate- and don’t worry, it always evens out somehow. All you need to do is casually direct them that way, or just mention it once to the whole group. Guests will be so excited to create something for the guest of honor that you won’t have to say too much, we promise!


Wedding season is upon us, and I for one could not be more excited. Two of my very best friends in this world are getting hitched, and I’m totally jazzed to shower them with love. I’m just happy I can do it in a unique and creative way!



*Don’t worry about picking a shower activity. You should feel free to worry about the time, effort, and money it will take to pull off the whole “supportive, caring, totally-there-for-you” friend that you need to be until the wedding!


P.S.- we do baby showers, too! More on that to come.

Interested in having a Gild craft at your next shower? Let us know! Email us at info@gildcollective.com to get started today.

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