what we’ve been up to, vol. 2


It’s been a big couple of weeks, y’all. We put our entire shop on Etsy, put the finishing touches on bridal & baby shower crafts, and did TONS of other things behind the scenes. Perhaps the most important thing that has happened since our last check in is that Kelsey finally started watching Game of Thrones. We don’t have any pictures to share of that, though, so we put together this slightly less important list of the fun things have been filling us up lately.


What we’ve been up to lately, vol. 2:

We’ve been partnering with more amazing #startupcincy companies, like Braxton, for awesome events like our DIY Derby hat party.


Sometimes our moms and grandmothers even show up for these things!

And the bartenders at Braxton even get into it.



We’ve been indulging….

File_000 File_001



We’ve been feeling super sad AND super excited about things happening in music….

File_001(2)Has anyone else been listening to a LOT of Prince over the past month?


LEMONADE, YOU GUYS!! Also, this incredible creation is from @drawnbymary. Follow her!


We’ve been celebrating big things with our families! 

Like Mother’s Day


And future sisters in law


And First Communions!



We’ve been getting creative with our product photo shoots…

File_002 File_003

We’ve been snapchatting our honorary third co-founder…


And we’ve been napping…



…wherever and whenever we can! Which is unfortunately not very often.


We also had a girls-only Cinco de Mayo outing followed by a treat yo-self day, but none of those photos are going to surface (ever).

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  • SO much fun! Love seeing you both having so much fun! That Derby hat party looks awesome, too. 🙂

    P.S. When a creepy “Raymond” starts following you on SnapChat… that’s me. I STILL don’t have SnapChat, so I make the fiancé follow everyone and save the snaps for me. True story.

    P.P.S. You both ROCK!!

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