what we’ve been up to, vol. 1


It’s easy to look back on a few months or a few weeks and think, “Where did that time go? Did I accomplish anything? I’m so behind on X, Y, & Z (work, school, family time, exercise.. the possibilities are endless here), but somehow I watched two complete series on Netflix. Am I a bum?”

I am here to tell you that you are not a bum. If your life is full with work, family, friends, and all of life’s other necessities, I will venture to guess that you watched those shows during a time where you were either A. multi-tasking or B. should have been asleep. So basically, those shows are just an extra achievement to add to your list. Go you!

We created this series as a way to reflect on the time we have spent filling up our lives. We want to take more photos to document those special moments that deserve a place to be remembered, even if everyone’s in their pajamas.

What we’ve been up to lately, vol. 1:

We’ve been traveling…
phoenixRachel travel bffs

Kelsey got to enjoy her parents’ new home away from home in Phoenix (I’m crashing soon, Mama and Papa Hawke!!), while I got to do a tour of LA – Seattle – Dallas to visit some BFFs. Technically, the last photo is of some BFF’s visiting me here in Cincinnati, but it made me happy so I had to include it.


We traveled for work a bit, too! We still can’t believe we were lucky enough to be selected for Project Entrepreneur’s NYC Weekend Intensive Program. The Rent the Runway Foundation partnered with UBS to bring 200 female entrepreneurs to NYC for an incredible weekend of education, inspiration, and networking. There’s a whole post on this coming in the future, but we couldn’t look back on the past few months without including it here, too. Amazing!!

We’ve been spending time with our families…

kelseyfamgrid Rachel Fam

When we were in NYC, we learned an amazing new acronym from one of the other entrepeneurs: PANK, which stands for “Professional Aunts No Kids.” Yuuuup! The little people in our families are by far our favorites, and spending time with them is always a highlight. Kelsey had lots of little ones visit her from Cleveland over the past few months, and  I spent time with my nephews as often as possible here in Cincinnati. On a serious note: When your five year old nephew asks to “talk with you in private” about making him a purple hippo costume, you don’t ask questions. You just do it.

We’ve been making special projects…


Most of them have been behind the scenes, but we have loved creating unique projects for some of our favorite partnerships with locally owned Cincinnati (and Northern Kentucky!) companies. The leather glasses cases on the right were for our friends at Frameri, makers of interchangeable-lense eyewear that is seriously amazing. On the left is one of the Kentucky Derby hats we’ll be making at Braxton Brewery on May 4th. I couldn’t make it out to their bottle release of Kentucky Home last night, but I can. not. wait. to try it on May 4th! Join us, if you’re local!

We’ve been buying houses…

Kelsey homeowner Rachel home buying

!!! Kelsey and Matt landed in East Walnut Hills, while Reid and I are in Northside. Both neighborhoods rank HIGH on the charm scale and have tons of fun activities for PANKS like us. We are excited to share more about getting creative with our home designs in the future, but for now I’ll leave you with some important images: Kelsey and Matt the stoop kids. Burning sage. Doing adult things. Northside murals. Midcentury meets Americana office shots.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve been having too much fun with Snapchat filters…


Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

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