6 Ways to Enhance Personal Growth in Romantic Partnerships

Love is secondary.


To be an independent self and to stay-in-love requires placing romantic relationships as secondary. To love well means placing our personal journey as primary.

We must actualize who and what we want to be, how we want to give back to the world, identify and pave the path to achieve true and meaningful purpose. By doing so, we begin manifesting what we want on an individual basis and therefore, we have all the more reason and satisfaction to begin falling in love with ourselves.

When we fall in love with ourselves, we become radiant. We glow with a light as bright as the sun, become filled with love from head-to-toe, and are finally able to extend that love to another. People will be drawn to us and we will them.

Here are some things to keep in mind while investing in both a free-authentic-independent lifestyle and a beautiful partnership:

  1. You are not a unit.

    To be in a relationship enhances each of your journeys but does not mend them into one. Remain focused and true to yourself, and if your partner is a great fit, their path will compliment yours – not overrule it.


  2. Your partner is not a possession.

    Let them be free. Give them the opportunity to bloom and grow in whichever direction they choose. Let them think for themselves. You need not be the same person to develop a beautiful companionship.


  3. Be positive.

    Nobody likes a negative Nancy. Look for the bright side in all situations. Seek resolutions to problems instead of fixating on the problem. See the best in each other – we’re just human after all.


  4. Spend time by yourself.

    This is perhaps the most important of all. When we spend time alone, we get a chance to get to know ourselves. Being around other people can influence our thinking and ambitions. Become your own best friend, do things that bring you joy, remember to play, and love yourself first – for you are truly divine.


  5. Indulge in personal interests.

    Personal interests are what make you, you. Take pride in being different and do what you love. This will endlessly build confidence and character.


  6. Trust your partner.

    If you can’t trust your lover, then who can you trust? Don’t waste your time and energy worrying about artificial situations you create in your head. Communicate with them when you need to and trust that they’ll do the same for you.

Life is too short to live inside another person’s expectations. Do what makes you feel alive, live out your biggest dreams, know that you can literally do whatever you want in this life – now dig up the courage to do it on your own. You were born to be a warrior.

Written by Erin Crowley

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