Woman of the Week: Katie Keller

A holistic yoga teacher and kick-ass startup chick.


Katie Keller – Director of Communications at Hello Parent

Katie Keller ~

As the Director of Communications at Hello Parent, Katie is an incredible role model that we admire. She graduated from Xavier University with majors in Psychology and Business, and is now living her dreams in the startup community – while still finding the time to guide fellow yogis, reconnect in the wilderness, and indefinitely bring a smile to each soul she encounters. Meet Katie! 🙂

Katie Keller - Yoga Instructor

Katie Keller – Yoga Instructor

Tell us about your journey. Where do you come from and how have your roots shaped you into the woman you are today?

I grew up in Northern Kentucky and went to Covington Latin School. I graduated college from Xavier University where I studied Psychology and Business. I thought I would go to graduate school for Psychology, but interning at an accelerator (Bad Girl Ventures) changed the trajectory of my whole life.”

“I fell in love with female entrepreneurs and decided that startup life was what I wanted! I moved to New York City and worked for a fashion/tech startup, then came back to Cincinnati to work for a media company, and now I work for Hello Parent as the Director of Communications! I’ve met lots of amazing founders and startup friends along the way, and I really value working for an all-girl team!”

“My hobbies include teaching yoga and barre, drinking coffee religiously, hiking and getting outside with my sister, eating really good food (because I’m a terrible cook), surfing (when I’m in Cali or Mexico), and I like to catch Rachel from Gild training at the gym, when I make it once a month.”

Katie Keller - Adventure Connoisseur

Katie Keller – Adventure Connoisseur

What is your mission? You know, your dreams and aspirations! What do you stand for? Give us some of your personal philosophy.

Katie Keller Mission Statement: “Pursue happiness & share your light with everyone around you!”

“I’m very bubbly, and silly, and loud. Shining my light gives other people the opportunity to shine theirs.”

  • Dreams: “Be a kick-ass startup chick! I’m seriously in my dream role. As Director of Communications, I get to work in Social Media, Marketing, and PR – building an amazing platform for parents to share and connect.”
  • What I stand for: “Building up others. Finding great ideas and people, and helping to cultivate them. Creating communities & connections.”
Katie Keller - Director of Communications at Hello Parent

Katie Keller – Director of Communications at Hello Parent

Ready… Set… GO!

Quote: “Breathe it all in. Love it all out.”
– Mary Oliver

Inspired by: The Hello Parent team! What an eclectic mix of girl power awesomeness!
Sheryl Sandberg,  Alexa Von Tobel, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, Wendy Lea, and Cheryl Stam (Bad Girl Ventures)

Dream date: Sailing with Ryan Gosling

Hobby: Hot Yoga 🙂

Motto: Teamwork makes the dream work. & We don’t do negative.

Accessory: Messy blonde hair (a la Blake Lively). Statement earrings. And a smile.

Season: Fall. Leaves, boots, and lattes #basic

Heels or flats: I will wear sneakers with a dress and heels with sweatpants!

City or wilderness: City girl forever. But weekend getaways are essential.

Silver or gold: Gold – it’s a classic.

Coffee or tea: Coffee. 5 cups a day.

Right or left brain: Both!

“Gild Collective is amazing. Not only is it a team of kick-ass girl bosses, but they’re creating a community around empowering women! I can’t wait to see where this company goes!”
– Katie Keller

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