From the Desk Of a Beginner Crafter

Gild Collective recently had a change of scenery as the Brandery accelerator has relocated to a new building in OTR – a great neighborhood in downtown Cincinnati. A new space means a new desk, and with that comes my favorite type of creativity… making an inspirational space to get sh*t done. I may be the beginner crafter on the team, but organization is my jam – after all, we all need to spend our time working, and not shuffling things around to find what we’re looking for.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest (ever heard of it?) and thought I’d call out a few of my faves for you fine folks.

DESK-commandOkay so here’s what I am affectionately calling “The Command Center.” This is likely for someone who is even more organized than me – she’s got her whole world on this wall, but it’s done in an adorable way that makes me want to plop down on the couch next to her. What’s even more important is that getting things off the desk gives her the room to actually do work. Throw her elbows on the table and dig in.




DESK-gold DESK-wood

Next up are two that I love because they put a different spin on organization – these containers are not from your casual stroll down the aisle at Staples – they were carefully thought out details to make a cohesive desk that fits each worker’s style. Of course, as a founder of Gild, I love the gold touches on the right – they mix so well with the bold colors – making a clean but feminine space for all the boss ladies out there.




And… because every now and again we can’t make it to our adorable desks, I think I’m going to invest in (or make?!) one of these lap desks. Perfect for a morning in bed with a cup of coffee and making your way through a full inbox.

What have you done with your desk? We’d love ideas for finishing our space!


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