A Gild-approved List of Perfectly Iconic & Perfectly Weird Halloween Costumes (Spoiler Alert: No Sexy Kittens Made the List)


Original source: Nylon Mag

Ah, Halloween. It’s that time of year when we all get to let our freak flags fly, pay tribute to our most beloved cultural icons, and feed the creative monster in all of us.

I grew up in a house with a few unspoken and basic Halloween rules:

  • No costume should consist of materials that add up to more than $20.00.
  • Costumes that come together the day-of are always the best (read: weirdest.)
  • Sex appeal is not to be taken into consideration under any circumstances.
  • Bonus points for anything you create that combines craft supplies, household staples, and items found in nature. I’m lookin’ at you, tree costume (garbage bag + glue + leaves + turtleneck underneath for warmth. Always a turtleneck underneath.)

I know it’s not the day-of, but Gild is hitting the road next week and so the weekend before is my next best thing. Sorry, mom! To celebrate my brainstorming, I decided to hunt down some of my favorite Halloween looks. You’re welcome!

List of 7 Halloween Costumes That Hit Just the Right Levels of Weird and Iconic 

1. Casey Becker and Ghostface of the Original Scream. This costume pays homage to one of the horror genre’s greats that we lost this year (RIP Wes Craven) AND 90′s fashion. HELLO! Plus, now that I have a pixie I am going to try to rock a wig for the first time in my life. PLUS costumes that require loose denim and oversized sweaters are sent from heaven. Plus fake blood. So many good things.


Original source: Popsugar

2. The Pixar Lamp. This one is pretty high on the weird scale and mostly a joke, but I think it’s amazing. And if you have the leg strength required to jump around all night you are probably Dwayne The Rock Johnson (AKA my personal hero).



This genius is (unsurprisingly) brought to you by the wonderful people at Buzzfeed.

3. Sia. Speaking of weird and iconic- Sia is the queen. This fulfills my wig-wearing desires and gives me an excuse (as if I needed one) to listen to Chandelier on repeat for the next week.



Original found on Brit + Co


4. Lisa Frank Unicorn. Kelly at Studio DIY is the official DIY Costume Queen of the Internet. Sorry you missed the crowning ceremony, where were you?! Anyway, she has loads of classic ideas in her archives, I highly encourage you to check them out! This Lisa Frank unicorn makes my 90′s child heart go pitter patter.



Thanks to Kelly from Studio DIY.

5. Greyscale Film Noir Couple. In case you haven’t noticed, we have moved on to advance costuming here, folks. Have you ever seen something so head-turning?


Pure art from Mandi at Making Nice in the Midwest. Go the extra mile and go as silent film stars.

6. Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art Icon. I’m not sure this requires an explanation- purely amazing!


This amazing makeup tutorial by Keiko Lynn is on every Halloween costume roundup worth its salt.

7. Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe. One lucky member of this duo gets to wear my beloved family Halloween staple: The Black Turtleneck. There’s never been a more noteworthy mop than Andy’s, and while Marilyn can be a bit overdone, the pop art hues make this look particularly noteworthy.


Brought to you by Vanity Fair.

Which one will I choose? I’m not going to decide that this far in advance. This list is as good as it will get for the next six days or so!


If the Halloween season has bit you with the craft bug, let us help you find the cure- host a craft night with your friends!

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