Get Creative in the Queen City: 5 Weekend Activities to Wake Up your Right Brain

Cincinnati is the home base for Gild Collective, and we love it here. The city has so much to offer young entrepreneurs, and we are incredibly thankful to be here.

Gild Collective aims to inspire creativity and community in women. But sometimes, we are SO busy grinding away at building a business that we forget to invest in the creative community right here in our own back yard. 

This weekend, we plan to give the logical left sides of our brains a rest. We have put together a list of five awesome Cincinnati-happenings that are sure to inspire a little creativity in all of us:

1. Art After Dark: Baseball & Beer: This Friday, July 31


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Andy Warhol. Art Museum courtyard turned biergarten with Cincinnati’s best brews. Food Trucks. YOU GUYS!!! This is amazing. And you can do it all before 9 PM! That is my kinda night on the town. The guided docent tours of this Andy Warhol exhibit leave at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 PM, while the beers, food, and music close at 8. Just in time for a few shows on Netflix, am I right?

2. Flea marketing for a good cause


Flea markets are some of the best places to find inspiration for so many areas: your home, your wardrobe, your book collection… the list goes on. I love a good flea market where I can scour for goods that really allow me to let my freak flag fly. There is no better feeling than finding that perfect treasure under a pile of someone else’s trash. Except this flea market comes with a great cause- the DCCH Center for Children and Families. All proceeds will go toward providing a better life for abused children.

If you want a comprehensive list of ongoing flea markets and other thrift stores, check out this post from awesome Brandery alums Roadtrippers.

3. Art Exhibition: “The Perfect Kiss (QQ)**questioning, queer” at the Contemporary Arts Center 


Matt Morris, west (inverted rainbows), 2014. Image Courtesy of 

This is an incredibly cool concept. Matt Morris, artist and curator, has created an exhibit that celebrates the work of American artist James Lee Byars, who passed away in 1997. The exhibit is curated by Morris, and features some of his own creations intertwined.

4. The 21c Museum Hotel downtown brings you 24-hour access to 21st century art, and an amazing place to drink cocktails from a rooftop. Seriously, is there anything more you could want? 


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5. Did you have fun Friday at the Art Museum? Were you inspired by Andy Warhol’s masterpieces? Then head back after brunch for Sketching Sunday, a laid back afternoon experience designed to get you in that right-brained frame of mind before heading back into a hectic week. 



Did you enjoy celebrating your creative side this weekend? Book a party with us: you get your project kit for free, and you get to spend time celebrating creativity with your friends! A win-win. 

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