Speed Dating (and then some) with a World Class Creative Agency


Shake hands. Sit down. Pitch a world class creative agency your startup idea. Repeat.

We followed this process on a sunny Friday afternoon during our first week in the Brandery during “Agency Speed Dating.” One of the many amazing benefits of the Brandery – and one that makes it so unique – is the opportunity to be paired with a top ranked agency that specializes in exactly what we are desperate for as a newbie startup.


We said from the very beginning (ya know, way back in March) that branding was going to be the lynchpin of our business. Yes, we like to use the word lynchpin when we’re feeling especially startup-y. But it’s true – for an experience-based company, our customers need to feel connected with our brand and what we stand for. We’re so lucky that we get to work with the experts to make that happen.

A few days after speed dating, we waited eagerly while each team at the Brandery was handed an envelope with their paired agency. It felt a lot like waiting for your homeroom assignment in grade school, running out to check the mailbox every 10 minutes just in case you didn’t see the mailman come by. We tore open our envelope and were thrilled to see that we had been paired with Spicefire! As a newer agency on the block, Spicefire is taking a people-based approach to brands and creating incredible work in the process. We had such great conversation with them and felt like they truly ‘got us,’ and that feeling hasn’t changed.


Once we were paired, we moved right into an exercise called “Brand in a Day,” which was really more like brand-in-a-half day, but who’s counting? We went into the morning thinking that a brand meant finalizing a name and figuring out a logo and some pieces of our style guide – but the Spicefire team led us in discussion and activities that were so much more important to figuring out what our story really is and who we’re speaking to as our customer.

Some highlights? A GILD girl…

… has a “yes, please!” attitude and is always up for trying new things.

… has an eclectic, comfortable style, and never says no to a girls’ night that involves sweatpants.

… is obsessed with Anna Kendrick and Amy Poehler and dreams of the day that she’ll become best friends with both of them.

… loves spending time with her friends, and is the glue that keeps them getting together.

Oh, and she loves gold. Of course.


Soon, you guys will get the full introduction to our brand. But for now, know that we have a group of brilliant people working with us to create an amazing brand that we can’t wait to share with you.

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