Get it on the Books. (The first step in being the best hostess ever)


Hostessing can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. One thing that we love about a GILD Collective party is the fact that it doesn’t have to be perfect! There are so many easy things you can do to pull off a great party that works for your group of friends. Love beer & mini meatballs? Make it a cans and sliders kind of night. Into champagne & crostinis? Break out the flutes and dips instead!

Setting the Date

Before all of the “fun” decisions can be made, you first need to pick a night that is going to work for your group of very busy friends! Sometimes it feels like it takes 500 emails to nail down a date that works for everyone.

I’ve been there, and I know that you can’t please everyone – but you can try!

We recommend using Doodle, an easy scheduling tool that allows your potential attendees to fill in the dates that work best for them! We just used this for our first Instructor Social and were able to pick a date that worked for most of our instructors. (It was very fun, by the way :D)

Can you guess what date we picked?

Okay. Now you have a date. Phew!

What about invites?

You know your friends best, and what they check the most – so we recommend you invite your friends however you see fit. However, we’ve gathered a few options to make it easier for you…

  • We’ve created an invitation template that you can email on to your pals – it has the details of your party and the link to order the kit front and center. We’ll send the template with your party link, so all you have to do send it along to your party-goers!
  • Facebook events! If your friends are constantly “liking” your every post, perhaps Facebook is the way to go. You can create an event and include your unique party link right in the description. Everyone can talk about how excited they are on the wall. 🙂
  • Evite. Most of the adorable templates are free and you can get the gist of who is coming, who is on the fence, and who is being the party-pooper. Bonus points for getting to customize the response language!

Each of us at GILD picked our favorite free template for a girls night filled with crafting:

“I loveeeee this one! It feels very natural and organic, and just overall inviting! It’s exactly the look and feel I go for in my Etsy shop.” – Rachel

“Simple + script = perfect!” – Kelsey

“I don’t always love chevron, but this one is so fun!” – Jessie


Once you check invites off your list, it’s on to party prep! In our next hostess tips post, we’ll talk about how easy it can be to get ready for your party!

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