Copper Foil – It’s easier than it looks!



The process of researching and designing GILD Collective’s first collection brought a lot of emotions to the surface for me. I felt overwhelmed with the responsibility of creating our “product”, but also incredibly grateful for the unbelievable chance to create something wonderful for my startup and the women it will reach. I am especially excited to revisit our projects here on this blog, and I wanted to start with my personal favorite, our ombré copper foiled pots!

I promise you, it’s easier than you think…

Anyone that has been to my home (or came to my wedding) can tell you that I have a strong affinity for succulents. Put a succulent in an adorable planter that has been gilded with copper foil and I am basically swooning.

These pots are perfect for a GILD Collective party that involves a bunch of friends who haven’t seen each other in forever and just want to talk nonstop.

There is little instruction (or concentration!) required, and it’s 100% customizable for different styles. If you don’t love the ombré look as much as we do, you can paint them all the same shade. If you really love ombré, you can make the color transition much more dramatic than we have done here. You can create any shape you want with your foil adhesive, or you can simply gild the entire saucer! The world is your oyster here, people.


See that gorgeous copper foil? It may be fragile and fickle, but it’s also totally forgiving. If you’re anything like me, you’ll start with the best intentions of a smooth finish. Then, you’ll accidentally get gilding adhesive on your finger that will stick to each piece (and rip it into a million tiny pieces). Oh well! The end result is amazing whether you apply this in one large sheet or in a bunch of tiny flecks.


We decided to start our ombré with a mixture of paint that was almost completely white with only a tiny bit of the turquoise shade.


I knew that I would (selfishly) be keeping these babies at my house rather than taking them into the Home Studio, so I decided to get some cacti to plant in them rather than my usual succulent variations (seriously, I have TOO many already). When you buy these to do at home or with a GILD party, you have the option to add succulents to your order. These will ship directly to you from an amazing family-owned succulent business in California. We can’t recommend them enough!


To get your own kit with full detailed project instructions and a video tutorial, visit our Ombre Foil Planters project page to purchase or book a party!


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