Defining Gild Collective


Gild Collective

/gild kəˈlektiv/


a fast-growing Cincinnati-based startup led by three women with a passion for encouraging confidence in women through creativity in community

That’s kind of a mouthful, isn’t it? Let me break it down for you…

Gild Collective provides in-home craft parties for women. We source all of the materials and instruction for you to create beautiful, on-trend designs with your friends while in the comfort of your own home (or any other location you choose).Gild Collective takes all of the work and intimidation out of DIY projects- there is no more scrolling through Pinterest for hours to find the best crafts that you’re too scared to actually try, no more shopping at large (and often confusing) craft stores, no more frustration with trying different materials until you find one that really works. We have done all of that for you! When you host a Gild party, every guest will have a project kit with all of the supplies they need to create a beautiful, personal craft. You can read more about how to host a Gild Collective party (or instruct one, if that’s more your thing!) at

As the founders of Gild Collective, we (Rachel, Jessie, and Kelsey- more on us in later posts) never tire of telling people about our business. We can explain how to book a party or what type of crafts we offer all day long. What we often don’t have a chance to explain to others is why we are so passionate about our company, and why we think it’s important. For our inaugural blog post, we thought there was no better topic than the “why” behind our company: why did we found Gild Collective? And why are we blogging about it?

Our Mission

to encourage confidence in women through creativity in community

Gild Collective is a craft company, yes. But the important thing for us is the feeling one gets when they accomplish something. When we create beautiful things, we feel proud of ourselves. We feel more confident. That confidence is something we want to encourage in other women. In our busy, complicated lives, we as women know we are often our own worst critics. As a result, we often turn to the words of other women that we admire to lift us up.

However, we have found that the opportunities for us to get together for the sole purpose of enjoying ourselves and encouraging one another are few and far between. That is what a Gild Collective party is all about. Yes, you will make something beautiful, and you will definitely have fun. But the most important pieces of your experience with Gild will be when you turn to the woman next to you and tell them that they created something amazing. And when they say it back to you. Because you will mean it, and so will they. Our goal is that every person walks away from a Gild Collective party more confident in her ability to add beauty to the world than when she walked in.

Join Us on Our Journey

There are a lot of craft blogs, and there are a lot of startup blogs. But there aren’t a lot of startup blogs about craft companies!

If that wasn’t enough to hook you in, maybe this dose of real-talk will:

We are three women embarking on the incredibly arduous journey of starting what we believe will be a company that impacts the lives of hundreds of thousands of women. We have huge dreams, and we have the drive to make those dreams a reality.

As women in the startup world, we know that our challenges may look different than those of our male counterparts. Neither group has it harder or easier, but we will face different obstacles. Through this blog, we want to share with you how we tackle those obstacles head-on. We want to bring you, our reader, inside of our business and our lives as we navigate this road. We work a lot, and we laugh a lot. We get through tough times by supporting each other. We expect more tough times ahead. But through those tough times, we will continue to create beautiful things,  and we will continue to provide a safe space for women to encourage each other through their own creativity.

We may even share some of those beautiful things on this blog! Stay tuned.


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